Who called me from 1 833 505 1592

Annette 16/02/21 17:42
This person named Miranda I return her call and she want the last four digits of my SS# to verify that it was me. This a scam to get money from for a bill that I never had and if I didn’t set up payment arrangements They would take me to court. And because I didn’t give her my last four digits of my SS# she start laughing and she ended the call. This is a scam!!!! PS Don’t give out information about yourself over the phone.
Annette16/02/21 17:28
This person named Miranda Martes nothing message for me to call her back and she called me back and said that it was a I have a court date for the obstetrician whatever that means and what not and she wanted me to give her my last four digits of my Social Security number and I told him I’m gonna do that and I didn’t do that so she say I had to verify that issue as it is me because she called my number and she saw laugh and then she hung up so this is I don’t know this is a scam

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1 833 505 1592

1833 505 1592

1 833 505 1592

350 1592


+1833 505 1592

+1 833 505 1592

001833 505 1592


833 35051592

833 3505 1592

833 350 515 92

833 35 05 15 92


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