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91041577591 day ago
Called from 910-415-7759 about student loan forgiveness. Left message.
575210142028/04/21 16:44
Probably spam
207424251620/04/21 14:31
Received a text message notifying me of a fund transfer to my E-Trade account. I did not make any transfer. Fraud.
213260172119/04/21 17:19
Scam, found my number thru search engine. Asking for associated person who lived at same address 30 years ago.
937995192619/04/21 15:16
unwanted call. No message left.
438764518317/04/21 12:20
438-764-5183 '>438-764-5183 scammer of Kijiji & Facebook marketplace in most the Montreal search area ..This sick 70 year old perverted man has ridiculous nick names such as JoseJose, Loubi Loubi, schuppy, Pcmac Reparations, and MoHA in MONTREAL MARKETPLACE..He downloads software fir free from The Pirated bay and sells them to his customers at a premium price, this guy is a covid -19 positive and a registered sex offender and known to Montreal, Quebec Provincial Police and R.C.M.P. Do not go to his house He calls himself NABIL which is not his real name 11480 avenue Pelletier Montreal,Quebec H1H 3S4 Canada. 438-764-5183
206385458916/04/21 19:19
They call me constantly, I finally answered it today. It's a collections agency for an account I paid four years ago!
256860319505/04/21 19:45
Auto Warranty Services Robo Call - SPAM
207424252805/04/21 16:42
this number texted me a registration number for a Russian social media VK. I do not want anything to do with that
231525460802/04/21 17:05
"Debt consolidation" scam! Damn auto-correct anyway!
231525460802/04/21 17:03
"Debit consolidation" scam!
256666813725/03/21 22:16
Auto Warranty scam. Block number they call back 3-8 times day from new numbers. File complaints at:
704469455823/03/21 21:07
Call from someone claiming to work for Comcast Xfinity via a company called "GSC". They told me they could provide a better price on my internet and TV service. The issue is, I haven't even activated my service with Xfinity yet, only opened an account. Maybe this isn't a scam, but if someone knows that I have this service only days after creating my Comcast account, then Comcast either has terrible security or has been selling new customer info to a 3rd party.
520353038722/03/21 17:09
SPAM phone mail, nothing but junk don't answer!
917310134618/03/21 14:21
He tried to get me as well but said his name was Mark Meyer. Once he said the owner lived out of the country, we were done.
619854269716/03/21 18:57
Obvious scam call
206456075309/03/21 19:33
This is a Tax Scam- DO NOT give them any information.
310340087808/03/21 08:52
I need to combine my business with u
770746048005/03/21 15:13
They call me 3 or 4 times every day & have done this for several months. I block their number from getting through, so after 1 ring the call is automatically disconnected. Reviews on various websites describe this as a scam where they claim to be collection agency & request all ofyour personal info.
619378007002/03/21 21:12
833207951927/02/21 14:16
This is a scammer and fraud trying to steal money and identity.
210672666126/02/21 02:07
This number is a scamming BS sales caller
206333441419/02/21 20:11
Calls every morning incessantly for months asks to speak to husband then nothing more
1833505159216/02/21 17:42
This person named Miranda I return her call and she want the last four digits of my SS# to verify that it was me. This a scam to get money from for a bill that I never had and if I didn’t set up payment arrangements They would take me to court. And because I didn’t give her my last four digits of my SS# she start laughing and she ended the call. This is a scam!!!! PS Don’t give out information about yourself over the phone.
1833505159216/02/21 17:28
This person named Miranda Martes nothing message for me to call her back and she called me back and said that it was a I have a court date for the obstetrician whatever that means and what not and she wanted me to give her my last four digits of my Social Security number and I told him I’m gonna do that and I didn’t do that so she say I had to verify that issue as it is me because she called my number and she saw laugh and then she hung up so this is I don’t know this is a scam
626517503812/02/21 21:30
SPAM - "Urgent call for the vehicle owner..." - calls multiple times a day, I don't own a car.
917310134612/02/21 16:04
Mark Jansen uses several emails and phone numbers. He just tried to sell a booking to my condo but the guest found me. He also uses 917-985-8270. Emails: [email protected] & [email protected]
206855577111/02/21 17:31
This call is listed as Bainbridge WA and uses many different numbers. No one is on the other end when I pick up. It is becoming harassment
917310123910/02/21 17:46
Pls help me....
559282016209/02/21 19:09
Got phone call from this about Amazon account. I do not have an Amazon account. They keep calling about it.
813212203309/02/21 15:16
A woman wanted info on my husbands military stuff. She said it was for burial info update...asked about his ssan etc..hung up and blocked her.
325305693304/02/21 22:56
438764518304/02/21 06:25
438-764-5183 🚨 scam alert /covid-19 positive software scammer of Montreal is a Registered sex offender and is well known to the R.C.M.P and Provincial Police of Quebec ,Canada..He sells free pirated software from ( The Pirate Bay ) out of his government housing project apartment building that is infested with cockroaches bedbugs and mice 11480 avenue Pelletier Montreal,Quebec H1H 3S4 Canada. 438-764-5183
402253070204/02/21 00:05
I got a call from this number claiming that they were customs and border patrol people in that I had a package containing money in drugs being shipped to me from overseas. When I started to question them about who they were and that sort of thing they hung up on me
250276446803/02/21 13:27
they are scam and fraud
917310134602/02/21 02:30
This number is scamming people for property rentals. DO NOT SEND HIM ANY MONEY SOMETIMES GOES BY MARK JANSEN
213314633401/02/21 19:32
Left message saying she was from the US Census Bureau. I did work for the 2020 Census over the summer and she wanted to know if I wanted another position.
346355748301/02/21 16:01
Calls for a person who does not live here. Could be a debt collector. Mentions call is being recorded.
203409084326/01/21 16:50
This man in a foreign accent called in regards to electric bill stating it may be wrong. I just told him I am not interested and hung up on him. He called back within seconds for me to give him info on my bill, told him to call be later, knowing his number I will block his call, and I am sure he will call again using another number, definitely a scammer.
210660255826/01/21 16:41
they messaged me from this number asking if i was still interested in the position i applied for and then i replied asking information on what the job required , he then went to tell me that it was payroll he said he will deposit money on to my account and then i would just need to make some payments from there LMAO i said really and blocked this number .... TOTAL SCAM

Common Phone Scams

This is some of the most popular phone scams. Never reveal any personal or financial information unless you can confirm the callers identity. When in doubt hung up the phone straight away.

One-ring scams

The scam starts whith a call from an unknown number that rings you once only. These calls originate from premium rate numbers. When you ring the number back your will be charged a high fee.

Voice mail message

These are similar to one-ring scams. The scammers leave you a voice mail message telling you that you won a vacation or a prize and in order to claim the prize you need to ring them back. When you ring the number provided your will be charged a high fee.

Bank scams

Someone will call you claiming to be from your bank , the caller will tell you that there is an issue with your account our bank card. Beware of this scam the callers might sound very convincing, they will ask you for your card and account details, including PIN number. Your bank will never ask you for this details. If in doubt hung up and call the number on the back of your bank card.

Lottery winner or free vacations

The scammers will call you telling your that you won a prize or vacation. They will normally ask you for a payment to secure your prize. This is a very common scam, never reveal any personal or financial information to the caller.

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