Who called me from 438 788 6037

This phone number is located in Montreal, QC, 438 area code.

Bernard17/01/24 14:48
438-788-6037- 438-764-5183, 450-639-6834 . 514-699-9042 - 514-613-7051 King of Fraud---Creates Fraud-app on?FACEBOOK called - PROMOPARTY - advertises ,Adobe,Microsoft,office, Windows,Autodesk, AutoCAD, Maya, and revit and all other software is a complete Scam !!!!!. ( Based in Montreal,Quebec )..Everything you see is a complete fraud ( This guy is a pathological liar , and believes his own bullshit ))..All the fake responses are created by the author. Nothing makes sense. The cost of the software in British pounds doesn't equal the price of the software that he is speaking to on the feed. This is a complete scam and a complete waste of time....This mental case advertises in British pounds but meanwhile to respond to him is only in French lol.. However, when you look at the other profiles there in Arabic..So again, this fool a*s fool of a so called Manbaby, advertises for ( 76.99) which equals to $130 Canadian but tells the clients is for $70 ??? and the denomination is on the right side, lol..This person is delusional, and out of touch..You would be a fool and an idiot to deal with this p***y and send him your hard earned money.. If you do some research, this person is a registered child s*x offender in the province of Quebec..

Home addresses- He uses

11480 avenue Pelletier Montreal,Quebec H1H 3S4 Canada. 

2128 Rue Fleury E, MONTREAL,Quebec H2B 1J9

5140, Beaubien est 
H1T 1V7 Montreal 
Quebec 438-788-6037- 438-764-5183, 450-639-6834 . 514-699-9042 - 514-613-7051

Real Scammer numbers 438-788-6037438-764-5183He runs a junk yard Computer Store Universel PC, in Montreal Quebec (438-788-6037 )- 514-699-9042 -514-613-7051 Google search his phone numbers This Goof buys donated computers Towers with cobwebs, bedbugs, dead cockroaches and mouse faeces inside them...Then he install pirated trial Software inside the units and sells them in his shop to the elderly and the disabled.. This guy is a complete loser from a country of fanatical losers called (Algeria)..This fake psychopath goes to pray to a fake GOD every day and is a liar to himself, his family , "friends " ( what friends ) hahaha, lol!!!and his religion.. He has no fCUKINg complete clue in the world who he is f CK ing with .. Hes a terrible communicator and has a horrible telephone manner. He doesn't know how to talk. He's an angry, uneducated, and an extremely stupid man, that wastes too much of his own time... Someone should put him down like a sick old dog that he already is.Dead Man Walking country flag of CA Canada - Value village / Salvation Army computer Fraud seller Canada 438-788-6037- 438-764-5183, 450-639-6834 . 514-699-9042 - 514-613-7051

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Phone number formats

438 788 6037

1438 788 6037

1 438 788 6037

788 6037


1 4387886037


+1 4387886037


+1 438 788 6037



438 7886037

438 7886 037

438 788 603 7

438 78 86 03 7


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