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332456820220 hours ago
Apple scam to iCloud
941300036914/01/21 21:29
Called 5 times in 2 minutes. DIDNT leave a vm, call protect said it’s spam. Blocked it.
917310134614/01/21 15:01
This is a VRBO not fall for it!
202627093612/01/21 14:23
Left a message in Japanese and sounded like I was on hold even tho it was a voicemail. Had the song River Flows In You by Yiruma in the background.
272203588008/01/21 17:12
Fraud! Google optimization service. Before calling my business they could do a homework and to see that our account is in great shape and we have been paying over $300 for Google sponsored listing and pay per click. Such a stupid scam. They even close the nose that their voice won’t get recognized.
917310134608/01/21 01:38
THIS is a VRBO travel scam
917310134608/01/21 01:36
This number is a travel scam don't fall for it.
864362403107/01/21 04:25
A man called me from this number after meeting on the dating site POF he said his name was Creag but pronounced it Craig. He asked me for 5 thousand dollars to help bring him home from Afghanistan. I found out later the person I sent money to was a 28 year old Nigerian man. It's a number used by a scammer
213806801205/01/21 00:29
This number is used for a scam!
973888138404/01/21 21:05
Called no vm
833505160431/12/20 15:49
I was called from this number about a debt from 2013/2014. I was told I received numerous letters from this collection agency "Source mediation" which I never received, they said I chose to ignore all correspondence. I asked them to please send me validity of the debt, and if it's mine, I will resolve it. The gentleman became very upset, wouldn't comply with my request for proof of the debt and said it was my last chance to take a settlement or make arrangements.I said I would not provide acct info unless I could see paperwork of the debt, he hung up on me, another gentleman called, got upset.....hung up on me for requesting proof......SCAM!!!!
609732218831/12/20 13:06
Someone called my phone from this number and it must be a scam because I don't know anyone in NJ and they never leave any message, so if it was a reputable business they would have left a voicemail and if it's a person just reaching the wrong number they would have heard my name on my voicemail and known and wouldn't have called a 2nd time.
806318418929/12/20 08:07
Portfolio Recovery Spammers
208464010427/12/20 18:42
Political Call regarding Georgia Senatorial Election January 2021
833245461004/12/20 15:07
Got 2 text messages. Content of each: "Landfill Closed", followed by shortened link beginning with "c y c p l" followed by "us" in the URL, followed by STOP2STOP.
949688685002/12/20 19:10
469908325802/12/20 16:53
I've received several calls from this caller over several weeks.They are always very polite and nice. They are looking for a Frank Loftis. MUST BE A COLLECTION AGENCY .
760227942630/11/20 15:37
This number # 760 227 9428 is a SCAM!!!!!!!!!!
219333043328/11/20 16:19
Scam text received from 219-333-0433, purporting to be from UPS (note spelling is Ups in text), wants me to open malicious hyperlink to show shipping information on something I never ordered.
760227937927/11/20 22:50
They said they are from the Social Security crime investigation of California. They want you’re full name, zip code, and last four of your social. I told them social security wouldn’t call me like this and if you were social security my name is all you need. The guy said he couldn’t help me without giving him all of the information. The guy was definitely from overseas with his accent.
516864452627/11/20 22:47
I am harassed several times a week by this number it is a collection agency I do not know who they want
161541278527/11/20 18:41
Hi, here on the forum guys advised a cool Dating site, be sure to register - you will not REGRET it <a href=></a>
218277563625/11/20 18:46
scam don't answer
407842893925/11/20 18:14
Client services no name given. Message given on voicemail about an unpaid debt not on credit report. Don’t answer just block the number
404201206825/11/20 16:09
Scam call, real estate.
207691630524/11/20 20:42
352770795323/11/20 20:50
Extended car warranty solicitation. Shown as Unknown Caller. I never answer calls like that. Left a message which I immediately erased.
609952006621/11/20 02:20
Questionnaire about cancer. professional
833528090021/11/20 00:15
833528090021/11/20 00:13
262732994520/11/20 03:44
BULLSHIT call. Asked what kind of med kkk ication I took. When I told them I was o, state insurance they HUNG UP.
717456109519/11/20 21:31
"Francis calling to follow up on a MetEd utility notice" I don't use MetEd. Maybe a scam?
626413318919/11/20 18:40
Left no message on my phone.
346415591718/11/20 22:13
Called me, heard voices in the background and heavy breathing, then hung up.
229666255218/11/20 21:22
This is a scam perpetuating “social security fraud” out of Georgia from the 2020 election conspiracy theories. Social Security would not be calling you in this manner. A notice would have been received first with information on the suspected fraudulent activities. Block and move on.
913348782918/11/20 17:25
Unknown caller scum-ball Phone companies NEED to block at source scammed/spammed/spoofed/etc phone numbers and callers or they should be held complicit in these calls. Step up or step out of the phone business
323693175017/11/20 19:32
Tried calling back twice. Busy dial tone both times.
503270328616/11/20 18:12
Answered the phone, said "This is Justin from automotive department on a recorded line. Can you hear me ok?" Doesn't sound like a recording but I think it was and when I said yes, silence. Expect phishing.
800627481816/11/20 15:00
They are scammers trying to get my information and SIN
332220618615/11/20 16:47
It’s a scammer number, don’t click the link it sends you, it’s a virus I’m pretty sure. Don’t fall for it, please

Common Phone Scams

This is some of the most popular phone scams. Never reveal any personal or financial information unless you can confirm the callers identity. When in doubt hung up the phone straight away.

One-ring scams

The scam starts whith a call from an unknown number that rings you once only. These calls originate from premium rate numbers. When you ring the number back your will be charged a high fee.

Voice mail message

These are similar to one-ring scams. The scammers leave you a voice mail message telling you that you won a vacation or a prize and in order to claim the prize you need to ring them back. When you ring the number provided your will be charged a high fee.

Bank scams

Someone will call you claiming to be from your bank , the caller will tell you that there is an issue with your account our bank card. Beware of this scam the callers might sound very convincing, they will ask you for your card and account details, including PIN number. Your bank will never ask you for this details. If in doubt hung up and call the number on the back of your bank card.

Lottery winner or free vacations

The scammers will call you telling your that you won a prize or vacation. They will normally ask you for a payment to secure your prize. This is a very common scam, never reveal any personal or financial information to the caller.

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