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276277018614 hours ago
Car vehicle warranty spammer... Blocked now.
40866805051 day ago
40866836491 day ago
73449812611 day ago
847960328423/10/20 19:08
Received a call from this number wanting to know if I want to sell my property!
469257499023/10/20 14:47
Received a robo call asking to call back Social Security office at this number - since they found fraudulent activity and to avoid legal proceedings...FRAUD
408539972023/10/20 14:37
called Ontario at 1030am, auto recording stating CRA stating that there was something against my SIN (SSN for you Americans!). SCAM!
940310556021/10/20 22:17
Portfolio Recovery Spammers
113484012020/10/20 11:28
Energy Advisory Line, Oxford - phone regularly. Telephone Preference Service cannot trace them! Eight calls in one afternoon! Replacing loft insulation.
978756983919/10/20 23:00
Student loan "repayment options" scam call. (I don't have any loans.)
830307556319/10/20 22:25
Calling to sign me up for Medicare. They call every day from an 830 area code.
207572701115/10/20 18:57
that is my bff
813587187315/10/20 15:35
Keep calling with different numbers about extended car warranty. Keep blocking..
505533418815/10/20 00:22
Police Action Fund scam.
206258692814/10/20 22:53
Freedom Resource Management calling for donations to disabled. No message left. Marketing/spam call.
628229936313/10/20 17:23
OneMain Finacial Inc Number I applied for Loan and got it. Thank you OneMain Fianacial
551278841408/10/20 22:32
They are an "auto warranty" company trying to sell extended car warranty.
502688867108/10/20 17:04
Amy McGrath for U.S. Senate.
876513435608/10/20 15:39
We are getting calls from this number purporting to be from Andy Goldberg at the Winners Circle. The claim is that we have won $5000 a week for life. They gave a call back number of 206 866 5895
330227178307/10/20 18:04
949418590906/10/20 20:35
Called at 1:25pm. Left no message. When # called back, answered as Laura from National Auto Coverage. When didn't engage, they said to be removed from the list to call a number they provided.
216327042306/10/20 20:07
Spam text with a web link telling me I won an Amazon prime iPhone. I didn't click on the link!
520340580106/10/20 16:04
A recording you don't understand and it hangs up.
913354330506/10/20 15:41
Scammer - Auto Extended Warranty
833505160406/10/20 14:26
438764518305/10/20 10:15
438-764-5183 scammer from Montreal, downloads downloadable software
580991075604/10/20 17:57
The caller is asking for a donation to Police Officers & wants to send me an envelope to send back a donation. NO WAY! they are lying SOBs! Money isn't going to POs.
936222640402/10/20 19:54
Dorothy Duncan called me and forced me to have sex with her and pay her 300 dollars as she cannot earn. She also told me she slept with his brother Saksham Grover from india (+91 8799742443 his number ) and her number is 9362226404. Both are fucked by bobrtc.
936222640402/10/20 19:45
she keeps calling me from social security for 8000 usd also bob rtc keeps bothering me for money. Her number is 9362226404. she is a scammer for sure who works with bob rtc.
438764518302/10/20 19:35
438-764-5183.Thank you 800 notes, I almost got scammed, I was about to call this person for a list of software programs that I wanted for my home and new business office and I noticed that this seller was in Montreal, Yes !, So I was happy about what he had to sell because I wanted these programs,and my 14 year daughter, said she had a bad feeling about this software guy. However, my daughter kept begging me and bugging me to Google search this number 438-809-5960 & 438-764-5183 before I committed to buying anything or meeting anyone on line... Oh my god!, to my surprise, I found that I was about to do business with a COVID-19 positive, sick sexual predator,old man that sells pirated software!!! Now I have to buy dinner for my daughter tomorrow because she and 800 notes saved the day.. Thank you once again.. I will never do business with this convict and I will tell many others about this dangerous predator on my Instagram...
936222640402/10/20 19:30
they called m and asked for 20,000 usd for my social security. they claim they are from bobrtc.Dorothy Duncan says she is an investigative officer.
936222640402/10/20 19:23
Dorothy Duncan called me and states that she is from bobrtc and social security is hacked. her number 9362226404
202788962402/10/20 18:47
Chinese DHL scam
571360326601/10/20 17:16
Ssi scam
571360326601/10/20 17:00
Caller left voice message. Fraudulent activity supposedly detected on My Soc Sec number. Return call immediately to stop pending legal action. Totally bogus.
603314334130/09/20 20:34
Extended auto warranty robocall - Most likely a scam
438764518329/09/20 13:19
COVID-19 positive software scammers phone numbers are 438-764-5183 and 438-809-5960 or 514-840-2000 belong to a convicted sexual pedophile and Transvestite named Nabil or sometimes Francois, sells free pirated software downloaded byfirst using BitTorent then to to acquire free downloadable content..This convicted sexual pedophile, sexually abused and assaulted a little 5 year old boy in a Catholic church basement washroom in LONGUEUIL,QUEBEC. This ugly French Montster and very sad man lives in public housing in the province of Quebec, he invites Women with children into his disgusting home smoking cigarettes and having Pornography playing on the Television in the background with underage children present!!! What a piece of trash, and terrible excuse for a human being..When he dies, ( which is very soon ) they will throw his body into the Icy and polluted St.Lawrence River naked with only black dress socks on to hide his nasty toes, and leave his eyes and skull cracked wide open for the birds to feed on as a snack...This person sells free software to rip people off and sell them downloadable content and viruses to there Laptops..CALL THE POLICE at once and report this scammer/ Part-Time Street Mime and Muppet..Beware of trial pirated versions of Windows 10, office,autocad,& all adobe photoshop software..This COVID-19 positive. ugly fat loser lives in a bed bugs and mice ridden apartment & drug infested neighborhood of MONTREAL . He changes his NAME AND PHONE NUMBERS every week !

438-764-5183 or 438-809-5960 or 514-840-2000

His place of address is

11480 Avenue Pelletier
H1H 3S4 He was reported on CTV NEWS at 11:00pm On May 1, 2020 *check it out for yourself*

For a fine, arrest and imprisonment
For 20 years
405554240228/09/20 14:58
Auto warranty sales. Robocall.
941220109025/09/20 15:39
stupid woman called..when I answered all she said was now blocked..good riddance!
843983796424/09/20 19:32
Supposedly collecting money for police to help protect them and get tougher laws. This number is from South Carolina and I live in California, so I have my doubts that the police organizations would ever see any of this money. Number is now blocked

Common Phone Scams

This is some of the most popular phone scams. Never reveal any personal or financial information unless you can confirm the callers identity. When in doubt hung up the phone straight away.

One-ring scams

The scam starts whith a call from an unknown number that rings you once only. These calls originate from premium rate numbers. When you ring the number back your will be charged a high fee.

Voice mail message

These are similar to one-ring scams. The scammers leave you a voice mail message telling you that you won a vacation or a prize and in order to claim the prize you need to ring them back. When you ring the number provided your will be charged a high fee.

Bank scams

Someone will call you claiming to be from your bank , the caller will tell you that there is an issue with your account our bank card. Beware of this scam the callers might sound very convincing, they will ask you for your card and account details, including PIN number. Your bank will never ask you for this details. If in doubt hung up and call the number on the back of your bank card.

Lottery winner or free vacations

The scammers will call you telling your that you won a prize or vacation. They will normally ask you for a payment to secure your prize. This is a very common scam, never reveal any personal or financial information to the caller.

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