Who called me from 438 764 5183

This phone number is located in Montreal, QC, 438 area code.

Na04/07/21 10:03
438-764-5183 scammer of free downloadable software from ( THE PIRATE BAY ) .com and is also is a REGISTERED child sex offender in the City of Montreal in the PROVINCE du QUEBEC
Debbie 17/04/21 12:20
438-764-5183 '>438-764-5183 scammer of Kijiji & Facebook marketplace in most the Montreal search area ..This sick 70 year old perverted man has ridiculous nick names such as JoseJose, Loubi Loubi, schuppy, Pcmac Reparations, and MoHA in MONTREAL MARKETPLACE..He downloads software fir free from The Pirated bay and sells them to his customers at a premium price, this guy is a covid -19 positive and a registered sex offender and known to Montreal, Quebec Provincial Police and R.C.M.P. Do not go to his house He calls himself NABIL which is not his real name 11480 avenue Pelletier Montreal,Quebec H1H 3S4 Canada. 438-764-5183
Fooly 04/02/21 06:25
438-764-5183 🚨 scam alert /covid-19 positive software scammer of Montreal is a Registered sex offender and is well known to the R.C.M.P and Provincial Police of Quebec ,Canada..He sells free pirated software from ( The Pirate Bay ) out of his government housing project apartment building that is infested with cockroaches bedbugs and mice 11480 avenue Pelletier Montreal,Quebec H1H 3S4 Canada. 438-764-5183
Katherine 05/10/20 10:15
438-764-5183 scammer from Montreal, downloads downloadable software
Olivia Jenkins 02/10/20 19:35
438-764-5183.Thank you 800 notes, I almost got scammed, I was about to call this person for a list of software programs that I wanted for my home and new business office and I noticed that this seller was in Montreal, Yes !, So I was happy about what he had to sell because I wanted these programs,and my 14 year daughter, said she had a bad feeling about this software guy. However, my daughter kept begging me and bugging me to Google search this number 438-809-5960 & 438-764-5183 before I committed to buying anything or meeting anyone on line... Oh my god!, to my surprise, I found that I was about to do business with a COVID-19 positive, sick sexual predator,old man that sells pirated software!!! Now I have to buy dinner for my daughter tomorrow because she and 800 notes saved the day.. Thank you once again.. I will never do business with this convict and I will tell many others about this dangerous predator on my Instagram...

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438 764 5183

1438 764 5183

1 438 764 5183

764 5183


1 4387645183


+1 4387645183


+1 438 764 5183



438 7645183

438 7645 183

438 764 518 3

438 76 45 18 3


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